SB pas photoSusana Borrás is professor on innovation and governance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

She conducts research on the interaction between governments and innovation. As a social scientist expert on public policy, two of her leading questions are, what governments can do to foster and to improve socio-technical innovation in the economy, and what makes some decisions regarding socio-technical and innovation change to be democratically legitimate and others not. Her comparative analyses show the importance that socially and governmentally-defined institutions have on innovation performance and on democratic legitimacy of science and technology. Her main attention is in the European Union, both at the supra-national level as well as national and local (cluster) levels. In particular she studies the complex interactions between public and private realms, which have been recently called ‘new modes of governance’.

Susana Borrás is currently member of ATV, Akademiet for de Tekniske Videnskaber (the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences); and member of the International Academic Council of IBEI, Barcelona (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals)

Download her full CV here



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