Learning about problem-oriented innovation

How to design research and innovation policies in order to address grand social challenges? What new types of policy instruments are needed? What new combinations of old and new approaches? What is the real transformative capacity of research and innovation actors? And what are the organizational dynamics and dilemmas that are associated to this new approach of R&I policy? 

These are the questions we discussed during the intensive 1-week PhD course at Copenhagen Business School. Hosted and organized by the RIO-group (Research, Innovation and Organization), the course was co-funded by CBS and the EU-SPRI association.

During these exciting days, all 16 participants engaged actively in a dialogue with Charles Edquist, Susana Borrás, Alan Irwin, Signe Vikkelsø and Christoph Grimpe, who offered their views on various theoretical, conceptual and analytical aspects. We all enjoyed the discussions, and learned a lot from each other. I am truly looking forward keeping this dialogue open!


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